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“After I had stopped smoking, my weight hit 250 pounds, my blood sugar, blood pressure were out of control and my kidneys were failing. But after seeing Christine, and working with a personal trainer, I lost 35 pounds in a few months. I look better, feel stronger, have increased my cardiovascular endurance and finally feel well. One year later, I now weigh 184 pounds with a body fat percentage of 21.3. I no longer need insulin, my blood pressure is under control and my kidney function has stabilized. All I have to say is: Thank you, Christine".

George Perini

“Unhealthy eating habits are hard to break, but with the support of Christine Hazewski, breaking old habits isn't so hard. Since learning how to eat the right foods, I've significantly reduced the negative side effects of dropping blood sugar levels. Understanding how carbohydrate intake affects the body, as well as knowing what and when to eat has reduced such side effects tremendously. Once more, Christine's approach is specific to my nutritional needs. In addition, my journey is made fun with introductions to new recipes and meal ideas. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to achieve wellness".

Kimberlette Little, MSW, LSW

“With the help of our onsite dietitian, Environmental Tectonics Corporation employees have improved their overall health, some have lost weight and even gotten off daily medications. The service that Eating for Life Nutrition Counseling Services has given our employees has been top notch! Our dietitian goes above and beyond our expectations. In addition to her meetings with employees, she is always willing to attend any of our corporate sponsored events. She handles everything from scheduling to billing. This relationship has been a complete success and we are extremely happy".

Carol Morgan, Human Resources Director

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